1. Be respectful to all players out-of-character.
  2. Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community or the server will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game or in global chat. Appeals or reports can be made on Discord or PM
  4. In game currency and items (Cash, Printers, C4, Shipments, etc.) may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits.
  5. No Mic/Meme spam.
  6. Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden.
  7. A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules.
  8. Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation.
  9. Scamming is not allowed.
  10. Focus on creating fun for all members of the community.


Max group size

While basing the max group size is 5 players.

Random Death Match (RDM)

RDM is allowed and should be handled by the Police in game. Mass RDM is not allowed and a bannable offense. Mass RDM is defined as killing a player more than once outside of RP/Raid.

Aggression Cooldown System (ACS)

ACS cooldowns apply to individuals/groups, not actions.

This server does not operate with a new life rule (NLR). We instead use an Aggression Cooldown System (ACS). This functions similar to an NLR with some notable differences.

You may not repeat an act of aggression on a single target until 30 minutes have passed since the last one finished.

Aggression is defined as:

Act Completion Cooldown Timer
Mugging Death or successful mugging 15m
Kidnapping Death or hostage release 30m
Knockout baton Use 30m
Attempting a hit Death or successful hit 30m
Placing a warrant (off raid) Successful arrest or death 30m
Handcuffing (off raid) Successful arrest or death 30m
Raiding 5 minutes 1h
Police Raiding 10 minutes 1h
Lock picking (off raid) Successful unlock or death 30m
Keypad cracking Successful crack or death 30m

The ACS starts once an act of aggression has completed. Raiding and police raiding are completed after a duration of 5 minutes.

Mugging, kidnapping, arresting, lock picking, and keypad cracking are completed when the desired result is accomplished, or one or both players die.

A failed kidnaping, mugging, or hit will trigger the ACS.

Gang territory

There is currently one gang territory on the map. This area has special rules which are as follows.


Revenge for actions carried out against you are permitted after adhering to the ACS. For example:

In this instance an act of aggression has been seen to completion. If you want to seek revenge you must wait the full 30 minutes before seeking revenge.

Basing and Building

Base building visual guide


RP Relation

Raiding, Mugging, Kidnapping.

You and those RP related with you must adhere to the ACS period of 30 minutes before targeting the same base again. This does also apply to Police Officers re-raiding bases for illegal infractions.





Every class has their allowances and restrictions listed on their descriptions.


Demotions are only for people who fail to satisfy the objectives of certain jobs or Cops displaying corrupt behavior. Unique scenarios for demotion may be provided in the class rules below. If a staff member is online, do not demote for server rule violations. Common scenarios for demotion include:

Mayor Specific Rules

Police Specific Rules

Gun Dealer Specific Rules